Read and Read-Not’s

In a world of AI where constantly changing information is shaping the world we live in, aren’t these altered realities widening the divide and fracturing the world further?

The Limited Edition

Myra looked at the clock that had slowed down by dusk. It was time to recharge the batteries, but she let time pause for a while. She was in no mood to walk her dog or cook a meal that day. A long walk by herself, wrapped in snug silence whilst sniffing the weighty wintery…

Something fishy!

Her father looked at her, helplessly. She was choking on a fish thorn that had accidentally landed into her throat along with some tender chunks of freshly cooked mackerel. She continued to bark and wheeze and gasp for breath, struggling to spit-out the sharp bullet like thing etched in her tiny throat. Her luminous golden…

A letter to my younger self

Don’t fool yourself with the idea that you would be free when you grow up. There will be people, at all times, claiming a piece of your freedom. You will soon realise that, in a world that is so intricately woven with pleasure and pain, there will be plenty of imposters who will drug you…

The Wanderlust

I often wandered outside the walls of my home Seeking refuge in souls that could kindle a laughter And after a few light-years of travel through the hot sand I hit the oasis right inside me!

Met by chance?

I met great teachers inside a classroom. They taught me cognition, language and skill. I met greater ones outside the classroom. They taught me imagination, expression and art. I met the greatest ones at the crossroads. They taught me evolution, silence and passion.

The far end of possibilities

When I was younger, my world was limitless. I had rainbows for breakfast. I sang to the butterflies and changed the colour of their wings. I could fly to the moon and bring along the planets to my rooftop. The air I inhaled was loaded with endless possibilities. Soon I was cursed with knowledge that…

Spammed by fear?

It lands with a compelling voice, neatly wrapped inside a layer of caution. You don’t really need that kind of unsolicited advise. Yet you let the seed of doubt germinate inside your mind-scape. You don’t know what you don’t know. Your heart coaxes you further. So you let fear in. Once. But would it stop…

An empty cup

He did not learn to fill his own cup. Her cup was always full; of her tastes and talents that were exquisite and rare. He believed they were a perfect match, for he could lean into her cup and take a warm sip of abundance he had rarely experienced. He loved her for the force…

A Perfect Balance

She raised her feet above the ground, letting her vices rest beneath, lifting herself up and beyond, in an air charged with courage and passion, to create that fine moment of a perfect balance.